Window decoration without drilling

Looking for window decoration without drilling? Then you probably have plastic window frames. Or aluminum. Drilling into plastic or aluminum frames is indeed not recommended. Below you can read which window coverings you can attach without drilling and how: with magnetic tape or hooks. Both methods are suitable for fixed windows, tilt-and-turn windows, turn-and-turn windows.

Window coverings plastic frames

There is special window coverings for plastic frames: roller blinds, pleated blinds and blinds from quality brands KeJe and Verano. Easy to install without drilling or screwing. Suitable for fixed windows, tilt windows, pivot windows and tilt-and-turn windows. And in addition to plastic and aluminum, in some cases also for wooden frames. (Handy if you want the same window decoration everywhere in your house.)

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If you purchase new frames or windows, matching window decorations will of course complete the look. That is why we offer customers who purchase a plastic or aluminum frame, door or sliding door from us the option to also order window decoration. We also offer this service to customers who have previously purchased window frames from us, or who are customers of our brother Multiglas.

Do you want to purchase window decoration separately, without frames or glass? Then we can only supply Verano Smartfit or KeJe Splendid for plastic window frames to customers living in the Duin- en Bollenstreek, Leiden and Haarlemmermeer region. Are you looking for other window decoration or do you live outside this region? On and you will find an overview of dealers in your area.

Attach without drilling

The window decoration for plastic frames from KeJe and those from Verano are similar: in both systems the roller blinds, pleated blinds or blinds are integrated into a tasteful aluminum frame. The biggest difference is in the mounting: with magnetic tape or hooks.

Magnetic frame window decoration: KeJe

With KeJe you attach the frame to the frame with a magnetic strip. This system works with plastic, aluminum and wooden frames. Removing it, for example to wash the windows, is super easy thanks to the magnet.

Frame with brackets: Verano Smartfit

With Verano you clamp the frame behind the window seals with hooks. Verano’s system therefore does not work with wooden frames, because they do not have window seals, but it does work with aluminum frames. You can also easily remove these frames to clean the windows.

Raamdecoratie zonder boren van KeJe: magneetframe van aluminium met in verstek gezaagde hoeken.
Window decoration without drilling from KeJe: magnetic frame made of aluminum with mitred corners.
Raamdecoratie zonder boren van Verano: aluminium frame met kunststof hoeken.
Window decoration without drilling from Verano: aluminum frame with plastic corners.

Window decoration turn-tilt window

You can easily attach the window decoration without drilling from KeJe and Verano not only to a fixed window, but also to tilt windows, turn windows and tilt-and-turn windows. The window coverings are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics, from transparent to blackout. So you can completely tailor the window decoration to your window frames and interior.

Our window decoration for plastic frames without drilling:

1. Roller blind without drilling

The Splendid roller blind from KeJe is integrated into a stylish aluminum frame that you can easily attach to the frame with the supplied magnetic tape. So without drilling or screwing. Actually intended for a plastic frame, but it works just as well on wood or aluminum. Also very suitable for tilt and turn windows, tilt windows and pivot windows.

Rolgordijn zonder boren
Splendid roller blind from KeJe.

2. Pleated blind in frame

Splendid Pliss from KeJe is a pleated blind with magnetic tape in an aluminum frame. You can easily attach the magnetic frame to a plastic, wooden or aluminum frame with the supplied magnetic strip. The Smartfit from Verano is also a pleated blind in an aluminum frame, but it works slightly differently. The Smartfit is attached to the window seals of a plastic or aluminum frame with special hooks. Both systems are also suitable for tilt-and-turn windows, tilt-and-turn windows.

Plisségordijn in frame
Splendid Pliss from KeJe: similar appearance to Verano Smartfit.

The KeJe Splendid Pliss is available with four different fabrics in a variety of colors: (1) single fabric, (2) double fabric without foil, (3) single fabric non-translucent and (4) blackout with double fabric and foil. The frame is available in cream white (RAL9001), pure white (RAL9010) and traffic white (RAL9016).

The Verano Smartfit also has different fabrics in many colors: (1) single fabric, (2) double fabric non-translucent and (3) blackout with double fabric and foil. Frame colors: white, silver and ivory.

3. Blinds plastic frames

The Splendid blinds from KeJe are in an aluminum frame. Easy to attach to a plastic, wooden or aluminum frame with the supplied magnetic tape. The Smartfit from Verano is also integrated into an aluminum frame, but you mount it with hooks on the window seals. The Smartfit is intended for plastic and aluminum frames. Both the Splendid and Smartfit blinds are suitable for tilt-and-turn windows, tilt-and-turn windows.

Jaloezieën kunststof kozijnen
Splendid blinds from KeJe: similar look to Verano Smartfit.

The blinds are 25 mm wide and available in several different colors. The frame of the KeJe Splendid Blind is cream white (RAL9001), pure white (RAL9010) or traffic white (RAL9016). That of the Verano Smartfit is white, silver or ivory.

Dealer of Verano window decoration

We are an official dealer of Verano. So you’ve come to the right place for window decoration that does require drilling: blinds, roller and folding blinds, pleated blinds, slats, roller shutters and screens.

View our range of Verano window decoration.

Blinds between double glazing

Do you really want something special? Then choose double-glazed blinds, with manual or electronic operation. Not only does that look very chic, you also never have to dust them. We would be happy to tell you more about it.

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