Plastic doors with frame

Plastic doors with frame, in all colours, shapes and sizes. That is what they are strong at at Weru. And progressive. Take the smart three-point lock that opens and closes all three locks simultaneously with one key movement. Or a door that automatically locks when you close it. You can even choose to open the door with your fingerprint. How high-tech do you want it? At Weru you’ve come to the right place when it comes to burglar-resistant plastic doors.

Plastic door always includes frame

At Weru, your new door always comes with a frame so that you are assured of a perfectly hung door. You can also opt for a door frame with an integrated sill made of composite material. Just as beautiful as a sill made of natural stone, but insulates infinitely better.

Plastic exterior door

Whether it concerns a front door or back door, patio doors or a barn door: Weru has a plastic exterior door for every home style and door requirement. Naturally, all Weru doors are insulating and burglar-resistant as standard. There are also numerous additional options to further increase burglary protection and ease of use.
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Plastic back door

Weru has also provided a burglar-resistant design for their plastic rear doors. Furthermore, there is a whole range of options to choose from. To start with, you decide how big the window will be. You can also choose a side or top light. Or how about a cozy classic back door with rods? Numerous colours, different wood structures and multiple hinges are also available.
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Plastic garden doors

With those beautiful double patio doors, your garden will really have a chic entrance. Again with numerous colours, wood textures and options to choose from. Top and side lights, for example. Whatever the style of your house, and whatever color and appearance your existing window frames have, Weru has plastic garden doors that match it perfectly.
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Polytec plastic front door

Just as durable, solid and German as Weru doors. But from Polytec. With perhaps even more different models and options than Weru. Polytec has a handy dream door configurator that allows you to put together your door completely according to your wishes. You can even upload a photo of your own facade and see what it looks like!
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Plastic front door

Weru has almost 60 different plastic front doors. They are all custom made, entirely according to your specifications. With or without matching side light, in your favorite color, figured glass, double glazing (standard HR++), triple glazing, safety glass, you name it. And the handles are also included as standard in the price.
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Plastic front door price

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Choice stress?

There are many options and possibilities. So much that it can start to feel a bit dizzy. Visit our showroom or make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation at your home. We will then discuss your wishes and what is possible. You will also receive a clear quote so that you know exactly where you stand.

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